Sanding on the High Seas (Almost)

We were recently invited to Princess Yachts in Southampton to test some of the Lagler Floor Sanding Machines on a brand new Walnut 50m² open plan saloon.

This particular floor was specially requested by a customer who was looking for a larger open plan space than you would usually find on a 40m yacht. The walnut floor had been masterfully laid when we arrived, perfectly flat and ready to sand, and we had brought the right tools for the job…

The Gear We Used:

  • Lagler TRIO Multi-Disc Sanding Machines
  • Lagler FLIP Edge Sander
  • FESTOOL CTM 26 Dust Extractor

The majority of the work was completed using the Lagler TRIO disc sander which is an excellent surface sander for large areas. The random oscillation of the sanding discs guarantees even coverage for a uniform, unblemished finish. Used correctly, the TRIO leaves only a 1-2 inch strip of edge sanding remaining, which the Lagler FLIP made short work of. By using a sequence of high grit mesh screens on both machines and regular vacuuming between sanding, we finished with an incredibly fine result.

This was a first, high quality sanding finish rather than a renovation, so the flagship (no pun intended) HUMMEL® wasn’t needed. It was clear to see that the requirements of high-end floors in superyachts are much the same as those in residential properties, and that sanding and staining can be adjusted to suit the species of wood and effect desired. In cases where older floor needs more aggressive sanding, the Lagler HUMMEL would be an excellent machine due to its portability and reliable motor.

Lagler floor sanding machines offer an unbeatable, premium finish for luxury flooring in any situation. The machines are easily broken down for transit in and out of small spaces and offer excellent integrated dust extraction – a must-have when working in confined areas. We brought along a FESTOOL dust extractor solely for vacuuming the floor between sanding as the dust bags on the Lagler FLIP and TRIO emit less than 1mg of dust per cubic metre.

The results were excellent and the professionals we were working with saw the astounding amount of hours saved versus their usual method – finishing it all by hand! We were happy to help assist putting a Lagler floor to sea.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lagler range and specialist applications on boat, yacht and luxury yacht decks and flooring, please contact us on 02380 215315 or through our website!

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