Building Business Through Machine Conversion

Looking for a way to add new services to your floor sanding business? You can now offer customers a range of new services with the IGEL Milling Drum and the Wood Texturing Brush Drums for the Lagler HUMMEL.

Rather than investing in entirely new machines, these accessories work with existing equipment to prepare and finish the floor in new ways.



Wood Texturing Brushes

Previously, weathered and rustic finishes could only be quickly achieved before the floor was laid, by passing the floorboards through a wood preparation machine to get the desired effect. Once laid, there was no way to effectively refinish a floor with a textured surfaces, with the labour-intensive exception of wire brushing the surface by hand.

The Wood Texturing Drums for the Lagler HUMMEL provide a new texturing solution without the need to purchase expensive preparation machine. Instead, they adapt and harness the power of your existing floor sander for an even textured finish that can be adjusted to the client’s wishes.

The drums are available with either NYLON or STEEL wire, depending on the aggression required. In either case, the results can be adjusted using the existing pressure switch on the HUMMEL machine for finer or coarser results.

Just as with regular sanding, the floor can be treated or ‘popped’ as required to complete the textured effect. Combinations of different oils, lacquers and stains can be used to get the exact bespoke finish you client requires.

To ensure an all-round textured finish, corned and edge brushes are also available that work with popular grinders and multitools. The Wood Texturing Brush range is a great opportunity to adapt your existing machines and provide customers with a one of a kind service!

40 Carbide teeth make short work of hardwood flooring.

IGEL Milling Drum

The IGEL Milling Drum was developed by Lagler to tackle the floors that were too difficult for even the most course sanding belts. Featuring 40 carbide cutting teeth, the IGEL (German for ‘hedgehog’) makes short work of severely cupped floors, saving vast amounts of time trying to achieve an even finish.

Until now, customers with challenging floors would have to pay a premium to have their floor refinished to a high standard, and may have found it more cost-effective to have the floor replaced. Floor sanding companies with and IGEL can now corner this market, offering lower prices to high value customers such as schools and gyms.

The IGEL isn’t just for commercial purposes either. Original, dated flooring in older residential homes can now be restored to an as-new finish, even after years of cupping and wear. The IGEL is also a valuable asset when dealing with deep staining of flooring due to chemical or water damage. Using the variable depth setting, you can quickly plane down the floor to a workable level.

You can find out more about these products on our website:

Wood Texturing Brushes |

IGEL Milling Drum |

See what happened when we tackled a 40m² Boxing Gym floor with the IGEL

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  1. To Katie and all the team what a great company you are thanks for all your help the machines are brilliant . PST course was really worth going on highly recomended I look forward to dealing with you
    LDH wood floor sanding


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