The best way to make sure a Hummel dust bag fire does not start is to ensure the bag is emptied of wood dust!

It is important to undersand the high level of fire risk from spontaneous combustion or from sparks when sanding. There is nothing as effective in preventing serious fire damage than good DUST BAG DISCIPLINE.

NO MATTER WHAT dust bags should be emptied safely into a fireproof container when the bag is 1/3 full and at the end of every sanding job.

Warning! Never under estimate that this wouldn’t happen to you!

Every time you sand you must remember:

  • The dust bag must always be removed from the machine after sanding and emptied into a non-combustible container outdoors.
  • You must cover this container with a non-combustible cover and be certain to store it and the dust bag outdoors.
  • The machine must always be cleaned carefully directly after sanding.
  • There is a high risk of fire when sanding woods with a large amount of resin, oiled or waxed floors or metal.
  • Be certain to note the warning notices of the paint, oil and wax manufacturers.
  • Cloths, pads which have been immersed in oil or wax can spontaneously combust.

The story of the Flip Edge Sander above is an unfortunate casualty of avoidable fire damage, even though the owner thought they had no reason to worry. The owner left his Hummel and Flip on site for three days, with the dust bags left outside some distance from the property. Finally, the machines are removed from the job, along with the partly-full Hummel dust bag and loaded in the back of the work van. Twenty minutes after getting home, the dust has ignited and the van is ablaze. Thankfully the fire door that happened to be leaning against the Hummel protected it from a lot of damage, but most of the tools, machine and supplies – this FLIP included – got toasted to some degree. The fire fighters on the scene aparrently said that a few minutes longer and the whole van might have exploded!

Important Tips For Hummel Dust Bags:

  • The only way to ensure a fire does not start is to ensure the bag is empty of wood dust.
  • Lager dust bags should be replaced if showing signs of wear or damage.
  • Patching is not recommended as it can affect the performance of the machine and risks leaking harmful dust into the working atmosphere.
  • Dust bags should be regularly emptied, and never filled over 1/3 full.
  • Wood dust is a Fire Hazard, so always remember to empty your dust bag before leaving it unattended or in storage. Heated particles can cause a fire hours after the machine was in use.
Social media history of experienced Hummel bag fires.

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