NEW FLIP® Milling Attachment.

NEW FLIP® Milling Attachment.

The FLIP® PCD milling attachment offers you the possibility to master the roughest works in the edge area at the shortest time possible.

In addition, the PCD milling attachment is considered to be the optimum working complement for the IGEL milling drum of the HUMMEL®.

The PCD milling attachment can be used on wooden subfloors such as OSB boards, chipboards, plank and parquet floors. This tool can be used to remove foam back residues, felt back residues, cork back remains, plaster residues, muliple layers of finish, lubrificating finish and paint residues (e.g. dispersion paint).

Product Details

  • 1 milling dic/8 PCD* cutting edges (PCD*= Poly Crystalline Diamond).
  • Milling disc diameter 150mm.
  • Attachment length 155mm.
  • Balanced tool.

Added Value

  • Quick and easy removal of stubborn sealings and coating residues.
  • PCD milling disc with a long service life.
  • Conventional abrasives with coarse frits are no longer required which mean time and costs savings.
  • Fast conversion of the FLIP from the sanding attachment to the PCD milling attachment in order to react as quickly as possible to individual construction site conditions.

“The attachment is brilliant – the team that used it said it saves them a lot of time”

Courtship Flooring Ltd
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Complete short attachment with PCD-milling disc and V-belt. 1 milling disc with 8 soldered cutting edges. (PolyCrystalline Diamond)

The FLIP® milling attachment consists of:

– Short attachment FLIP®, only housing.
– Milling disc FLIP®, complete.
– V-belt 

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