NEW FLIP® Milling Attachment.

NEW FLIP® Milling Attachment.

The FLIP® PCD milling attachment offers you the possibility to master the roughest works in the edge area at the shortest time possible.

In addition, the PCD milling attachment is considered to be the optimum working complement for the IGEL milling drum of the HUMMEL®.

The PCD milling attachment can be used on wooden subfloors such as OSB boards, chipboards, plank and parquet floors. This tool can be used to remove foam back residues, felt back residues, cork back remains, plaster residues, muliple layers of finish, lubrificating finish and paint residues (e.g. dispersion paint).

Product Details

  • 1 milling dic/8 PCD* cutting edges (PCD*= Poly Crystalline Diamond).
  • Milling disc diameter 150mm.
  • Attachment length 155mm.
  • Balanced tool.

Added Value

  • Quick and easy removal of stubborn sealings and coating residues.
  • PCD milling disc with a long service life.
  • Conventional abrasives with coarse frits are no longer required which mean time and costs savings.
  • Fast conversion of the FLIP from the sanding attachment to the PCD milling attachment in order to react as quickly as possible to individual construction site conditions.

“The attachment is brilliant – the team that used it said it saves them a lot of time”

Courtship Flooring Ltd
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Complete short attachment with PCD-milling disc and V-belt. 1 milling disc with 8 soldered cutting edges. (PolyCrystalline Diamond)

The FLIP® milling attachment consists of:

– Short attachment FLIP®, only housing.
– Milling disc FLIP®, complete.
– V-belt 


Rob Matthews from Past & Present Wood Flooring has noticed dramatic change in business since he invested into the world of Lagler machinery. 

Rob Matthews & Jordan Knapp from Past & Present Wood Flooring.

Past & Present Wood Flooring recently visited KHR for their annual machine service. We were so impressed with how well kept and looked after their machines were. The director Rob Matthews was updating us on how business was going since the Lagler machine investment. He told us that it really was the best move he has ever made in his flooring career.

He invested a great deal into his Lagler machinery, took on the Lagler PST training, placing them onto the live PST Directory. He made use of the PST certified stickers, placing them on his van and he also made sure their PST certified status up on the company website.

In for a free annual service.

Rob said: “Business has changed so much since we invested in the world of Lagler. We have gone from 90% fitting and 10% of sanding to almost 50/50 already!”

“I am enjoying the refurbishment side of it and it’s really nice to finally have a balance, I really am enjoying it.”

“For years I hired machines and I felt I was wasting so much time running around picking up machines and then taking them back.” 

“It was costing so much per day and sometimes I would get machines which were not fit for purpose because they were not looked after properly. They would come out with a hole in the bag or the belts not running right, even down to the leads not even working.”

“This wouldn’t be all the time but it would happen from time to time. And this would really cause problems and waste our valuable time.”

Here at KHR, the technical team was so impressed with how well kept and clean the machines are.

“I am so pleased that we bit the bullet after all that and invested in this high-quality machinery from Lagler.”

“We took the time to do the PST training course, which was very useful I must say, even though I have been doing this a long time you never know enough, knowledge is key!”

“After the training, I placed the Lagler PST certified sticker on the van and we have our PST certified proudly up on our website.”

Lagler PST certified sticker on the side of Past and Present Wood Floorings van.

“I admit the investment was massive when getting all of the Lagler machines, including the extra add on equipment. The service here at KHR has been impeccable since we have been using Lagler machinery.” 

“It really has been the best move I have ever done in my flooring career.”

For more information on our PST training days or to book over the phone call us on 02380215315. You can book online now to register for your PST training here at:
Once completing your PST training day, you will be then placed on our Live PST Approved Directory.

Building Business Through Machine Conversion

Looking for a way to add new services to your floor sanding business? You can now offer customers a range of new services with the IGEL Milling Drum and the Wood Texturing Brush Drums for the Lagler HUMMEL.

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Case Study: The IGEL Milling Drum Vs Charter Academy Boxing Gym

What happens when you give the world’s greatest sanding machine a shiny set of teeth?

After a long, tough day’s sanding we had a call from Steve Davis (Elite Wooden Flooring) and Shaun Hale (Premier Wooden Flooring) who had teamed up for a big sanding job at Charter Academy Boxing Gym. They sounded unhappy.

After hearing about the troubles they were having, we decided this was an excellent opportunity to test out the IGEL Milling drum. Continue reading “Case Study: The IGEL Milling Drum Vs Charter Academy Boxing Gym”

Sanding on the High Seas (Almost)

We were recently invited to Princess Yachts in Southampton to test some of the Lagler Floor Sanding Machines on a brand new Walnut 50m² open plan saloon.

This particular floor was specially requested by a customer who was looking for a larger open plan space than you would usually find on a 40m yacht. The walnut floor had been masterfully laid when we arrived, perfectly flat and ready to sand, and we had brought the right tools for the job…

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